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US to Remain In Syrian “Kurdistan” For Decades After ISIS is “Defeated”

Ignoring the show in Spain presently, though I am sorry to read of the loss of life- The tragedies inflicted on us all by the psycho elites have got to be seen for what they are. State sponsored terrorism. Plain and simple.Yes, I'm aware there has been a second "attack"

In plain talk: US to REMAIN in ethnically cleansed/illegally/criminally annexed portion of Syria- permanently. As the regional remake continues on.  If you have read here for the past 3- 4 years you would be aware this was the plan. It was not a happenstance or a random occurrence.

If you read elsewhere you would have believed the Kurdish militias were:

1- allies of Assad

2- the best fighters against ISIS

And you would have been 

3- played for a fool

Regional remake. Creating a weaponized refugee outflow. Creating an Israel 2.0 for the benefit of Israel 1.0. Accessing water and energy resources for purposes of  total control. And profit.
All in plain site.

US special operations forces in Syrian Kurdistan, May 25, 2016

QAMISHLO, Syrian Kurdistan,— One of Washington’s main allies in their fight against the Islamic State (IS) in Syria says US forces will remain in Syrian Kurdistan, the country’s north, long after the jihadists are defeated. Enduring ties with the Kurdish dominated region is said to be a goal of the US.

 The US has a “strategic interest” in staying in the region, SDF spokesman Telal Selo told Reuters.
 “They have a strategy policy for decades to come. There will be military, economic and political agreements in the long term between the leadership of the northern areas (of Syria) and the US administration,” Selo said.
 Last month, the head of the YPG said the US had established seven military bases in areas of Syrian Kurdistan controlled by the SDF or YPG. This includes a major airbase near Kobani, a Kurdish town(?) that borders Turkey. They have also supported the SDF with artillery, airstrikes and special forces on the ground.
That's how you ethnically cleanse- artillery airstrikes and special forces
And you use chemical weapons too!
Telal Selo, the spokesperson for the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), March 2017. Photo: Screenshot n24 video/

The SDF spokesman explained what he believes the US presence in this region will ultimately lead to:
“The Americans have strategic interests here after the end of Daesh,” Selo said, using the Arabic pejorative term for IS.
“They (recently) referred to the possibility of securing an area to prepare for a military airport. These are the beginnings – they’re not giving support just to leave. America is not providing all this support for free,” Selo said, according to Reuters.
“Maybe there could be an alternative to their base in Turkey,” Selo said, in reference to the Incirlik Air Base.

An alternative to Incirlik? Where have you all read about  that  possibility previously ?
Why let me think.... Of, course it was here! Right here at PFYT! Where I-ve mentioned the US betrayal of Turkey incessantly. Where the real possibility of an Incirlik substitute being located in the unlawfully annexed territory of Syria- was reported on and stated.

US Access to 5, yes 5, Air Installations In Stolen Northern Syria

Kobani and the newly seized airfield in Tabqa increase the capability of the U.S.-led coalition to strike from the air and resupply troops on the ground.
"However, analysts note that the U.S.-led coalition's efforts to upgrade air facilities in northern Syria could eventually reduce its reliance on the Incirlik base.
Any alternative to Incirlik reduces Turkish bargaining power and leverage,” said Michael Rubin, a former Pentagon official who is now an analyst with the American Enterprise Institute in Washington"
August 2015: Is Turkey Heading to Partition? American Enterprise Institute

Recall my post from 2014?  Kurdistan. NATO’s new Southern Flank?
Also from 2014: Kurd/ ISIS Symbiosis- The impending destruction of Turkey

Later additional reading

Betraying Turkey: Germany & US Leaving Incirlik/ Pulling Out Personnel/Scouting Alternative Locales

Should US Pull Personnel out of Turkey After Coup Attempt ? - Betraying Turkey




PKK/YPG Ratifies Division of Annexed Northern Syria- More US weapons to Kurds

KurdIShIS Redux- YPG/PKK 2nd Geographical Power in Syria  (the kurd/ISIS switcheroo)

And all those American outposts.... not coincidental.

All done in plain site.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Syria Calls on UN TO "Stop US Coalition Crimes" in Syria

 I would like to see everyone unite and condemn this- Come on you twits on twitter! Anti social maniacs. "Antifa" phonies- Instead you all serve the elites and foment their divide to conquer strategy. Useful idiots as tools to be manipulated.

As my hubby's baba would have gestured in an expression of extreme disgust "I spit on you all"

Damascus called on the UN Security Council to "stop the US-led coalition's crimes against Syrian citizens," a statement issued by the Syrian Foreign Ministry said.
"Syria calls again on the UN Security Council to fulfull its obligations for the sake of peace and security, and to stop the crimes of the US-led coalition against Syrian citizens," the document read.
In the statement released by the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Damascus once again accused the coalition of using white phosphorus, prohibited by international convention, to destroy infrastructure and kill civilians.
"[These actions] have become systematic. The coalition neglects the basics of international law, international humanitarian law and human rights," the statement said.

 US-led coalition aircraft operate within Syria without official permission from Damascus.

I've covered the US use of white phosphorus in previous posts, particularly in Raqqa.
It has, however, been widely reported the US recently used white phosphorus in Mosul also.
Ethnic cleansing folks. Ethnic cleansing is what the US led coalition has been up to in that region.  Ethnic cleansing needed to create a refugee stream into Europe (weaponized as an assault on the people of Europe) To change the demographics of entire areas in order to skew elections etc. to bring about the desired change 

Previous posts covering this heinous crime:

June 23/17 Let's Talk About the Death/Displacement Toll on the Civilians of Raqqa, Syria

   June 14th/17- Pacifying Raqqa: ‘Staggering loss of civilian life’ during US-backed siege of Raqqa – UN

  Don't forget the pacification of Fallujah in Iraq more then a decade ago...

2010: Toxic Legacy of US assault on Fallujah "worse then Hiroshima"

The study, entitled "Cancer, Infant Mortality and Birth Sex-Ratio in Fallujah, Iraq 2005-2009", is by Dr Busby, Malak Hamdan and Entesar Ariabi, and concludes that anecdotal evidence of a sharp rise in cancer and congenital birth defects is correct. Infant mortality was found to be 80 per 1,000 births compared to 19 in Egypt, 17 in Jordan and 9.7 in Kuwait. The report says that the types of cancer are "similar to that in the Hiroshima survivors who were exposed to ionising radiation from the bomb and uranium in the fallout".
Researchers found a 38-fold increase in leukaemia, a ten-fold increase in female breast cancer and significant increases in lymphoma and brain tumours in adults. At Hiroshima survivors showed a 17-fold increase in leukaemia, but in Fallujah Dr Busby says what is striking is not only the greater prevalence of cancer but the speed with which it was affecting people.


Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Israeli satellite images reveal ‘Iranian missile facility’ under construction in Syria

Big Lie via the Independent

Pay attention to the caption under the image
 The Israeli government’s main worry as the civil war next door has evolved is Tehran’s growing influence over the Syrian regime

The alleged missile site can clearly be seen on Google Maps

New imagery released by imageSat, which operates Israel’s EROS-B satellite, reportedly show the first ever Scud missile factory being built inside war torn Syria.

The pictures from a site near Latakia on the Syrian-government controlled coastline resembles a missile plant in Tehran, Israeli media reports said on Tuesday.

The alleged site. Who alleges it? The Israelis, of course!

Experts told Channel 2 the sophisticated construction could not have been undertaken without Iranian experts operating inside Syria. They believe the facility, on which work began at some point last year, has both production and underground storage capabilities of long-range missiles which are capable of striking Israel. They believe it will be completed by the end of 2017.

It emerged last week that Israeli officials had tried to thwart a recent US and Russian brokered peace deal regarding Syria’s restive south over worries it gave Iran too much power.

Flashback: Headed by Mossad Chief, Israeli Defense Delegation to Fly to Washington for White House Talks on Syria

Israel reportedly presented “numerous objections”, arguing that world powers were not focused enough on the long-term threat of Iranian influence in Syria when the civil war has ended.

White Helmets: Loose Ends Secured?

As everyone focused on Virginia.
.. myself included.

Some individual or group of individuals conspired (breathed together towards a common goal) to have 7 members of the "White Helmets" executed. This occurrence has to be documented here.
“tying up the loose ends”


Seven member of the Syrian White Helmets rescue group were shot dead by unknown gunmen on Saturday, sparking a manhunt and deep suspicions in the rebel-controlled province of Idlib.

The men were killed in their operations centre in the village of Sarmin at dawn on Saturday. Two of their vehicles as well as several of their distinctive white helmets were stolen, the group said. 

The White Helmets have been lauded (and financed) by Western countries for saving civilian lives in opposition areas in Syria and in 2016 they narrowly missed out on winning the Nobel Peace prize.
The group also operates in areas controlled by jihadists and supporters of the Assad regime regularly accuse them of allying with terrorists.
Idlib province is now mainly controlled by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), an Islamist rebel group that is dominated by jihadists linked to al-Qaeda.

Activists in Idlib said they were baffled by the killings but did not think that HTS was responsible. The group has not targeted White Helmets in the past.
One theory was that agents of the Assad regime had killed the men to create suspicion and distrust between rival rebel groups.
Could have been someone allied with the Assad government? Or not.

HTS recently fought an open battle against Ahrar al-Sham, another prominent rebel group, and there is lingering distrust in Idlib as a result.

“The ones who did this are clever. They want to make conflicts worse between the rebel groups and show that there is no security and no safety in the opposition areas,” said Abdulkafe al-Hamdo, an English teacher in Idlib.
Another theory is that the killings were the work of a criminal gang, who wanted to steal equipment from the White Helmets centre. Two vans were taken from the centre as well as several motorcycles and some walkie-talkie equipment.
One of the vans was later found burned out on the edge of a field several miles from the centre.

    One the vans stolen from the White Helmets centre was later found burned out in a field
    — Raf Sanchez (@rafsanchez) August 12, 2017
The White Helmets centre is close to several other houses in the village of Sarmin but neighbours said they had not heard any gunfire during the night. That raises the possibility the White Helmets were killed with silenced weapons.

Perhaps the Piper payee finally called in the last tune?

 A chief liaison officer of the White Helmets has acknowledged to RT that his organization, which claims to be “non-governmental” and “neutral,” receives funding and equipment from several western states, including the US, the UK and Germany.

“We do not hide it, we admit [that] there is funding from the USA, from the UK, from Germany, from Netherlands,” Abdulrahman Al Mawwas, the chief liaison officer of the White Helmets, told RT after a meeting with top French officials including President Francois Hollande and Prime Minister Manuel Valls on Wednesday.
 Western funding and friends in high places. Perhaps it was time to cut the ties that bind?

Monday, August 14, 2017

Headed by Mossad Chief, Israeli Defense Delegation to Fly to Washington for White House Talks on Syria


Moving on from Charlottesville, Va.
A delegation of Israeli defense officials will visit Washington later this week for talks with senior White House and American defense officials. Haaretz has learned that the delegation will be headed by Mossad chief Yossi Cohen, and he will be joined by the head of the Israel Defense Forces Military Intelligence, Maj. Gen. Herzl Halevi, as well as the head of the Defense Ministry's political-security department, Zohar Palti.
Yossi Cohen and Netanyahu

A senior White House official said that the Israeli delegation will meet with U.S. President Donald Trump's National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, Deputy National Security Adviser Dina Power, Trump's special Mideast envoy, Jason Greenblatt, as well as other officials.

The White House official said that it was Greenblatt and Trump's senior adviser, Jared Kushner, who orchestrated the meeting.

"Talks will focus on Israel's security needs vis-a-vis Syria and Lebanon, and will not deal with the Israeli-Palestinian peace process," the White House official said. "The delegation's arrival in Washington is a powerful sign of the trust between Israel and McMaster.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Office said in response that the delegation's departure was part of routine security talks between Israel and the U.S.

One of the main issues (but surely not the only issue) that the Israeli delegation is expected to discuss in the talks is the cease-fire agreement in southern Syria and its ramifications. Israel is dissatisfied with the fact that its security interests were not reflected in the draft cease-fire agreement being formulated by the United States and Russia. A senior Israeli official said the delegation was expected to try to persuade senior administration officials that parts of the cease-fire agreement in southern Syria should be amended to include clearer statements about the need to remove Iranian forces, Hezbollah and Shi'ite militias out of Syria.

Mossad chief Cohen said in a security briefing to the government on Sunday that so far Israel's positions were not reflected in the cease-fire agreement in southern Syria, noting specifically the presence of Iranian forces in Syria. "In places where the presence of ISIS is limited, Iran is acting to fill the void," he told the ministers. A few hours later, at a conference in Ashdod, Netanyahu said that Israel strongly opposes the military establishment of Iran and Hezbollah in Syria. "We will do everything necessary to maintain Israel's security," Netanyahu said.
 Last 24 hours

* Relink: Orthodox Jewish KKK Grand Dragon/ American Nazi Party Secretary Exposed 

 *Charlottesville, Virginia: The Three Ring Circus Show with Grand Finale

Relink: Orthodox Jewish KKK Grand Dragon/ American Nazi Party Secretary Exposed

In light of the happenings at Charlottesville, Virginia.  And all this tossing around of the KKK and Nazi labels.  While considering the infiltration of all groups as mentioned in the previous post? *Charlottesville, Virginia: The Three Ring Circus Show with Grand Finale

It seemed both necessary and timely to relink this post from April of 2013
*McClandish Phillips, exposer of the NYS Judaic Grand Dragon Klansman dies

" McCandlish Phillips, a former reporter for The New York Times who wrote one of the most famous articles in the newspaper’s history exposing the Orthodox Jewish background OF a senior Ku Klux Klan official"
Just think about that. Let that idea roll around in your mind. Today's news is all about alleged white supremacist/nazis  having it in for followers of judiasm...  WaPo ‘Jews will not replace us’: Why white supremacists go after Jews

And yet, in reality we had an Orthodox Jewish Grand Dragon, member of the American Nazi Party exposed, by a New York Times reporter..

Keeping in mind that history repeats. Always. 

Is there any reason to believe today's KKK is not infiltrated with some followers of Judaism, who then, as now, can use the existence of the KKK to justify certain advantageous legal safeguards?

Keeping in mind that history repeats. Always.
Mr. Phillips’s most renowned article appeared on Page 1 on Sunday, Oct. 31, 1965, under the headline “State Klan Leader Hides Secret of Jewish Origin.” It was a rigorously reported profile of Daniel Burros, a 28-year-old Queens man who was the Grand Dragon of the New York State Ku Klux Klan, a chief organizer of the national Klan and a former national secretary of the American Nazi Party.
Mr. Burros, the article went on to document, was also a Jew — a former Hebrew school student who had been bar mitzvahed at 13.
The article remains a case study in a reporter’s perseverance in the face of intimidation. It is also a case study in the severe, unintended consequences that the airing of fiercely guarded truths can have for the guardian: despite threatening to kill Mr. Phillips if the article went to press, Mr. Burros, in the end, killed only himself.
 State Klan Leader Hides Secret of Jewish Origin; Klan Leader Here, Hiding the Secret of His Jewish Origin, Preaches Anti-Semitism

Jewish KKK Grand Dragon/ American Nazi Party Member & Official
 Read the rest at the relink to the 2013 post.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Charlottesville, Virginia: The Three Ring Circus Show with Grand Finale

 Rambling ruminations

* Location, location, location...

 The "commonwealth" of Virginia with contains North Virginia : Spooks, spies and other assorted government alphabet agencies.  As Halloween is to Candy

I watched a bit of the live coverage as this protest took place. Why was there “live coverage” at all?  Let alone on every network including RT? (I  remain highly suspicious of RT to this day)
Why was it that the spectators and media outnumbered the protestors?
That was all I could see. Media. Spectators lined the streets with their cellphones.
Not much in the way of protesting...

I understood from the media coverage that Antifa, Black Lives Matter and some “Militia” type persons were all present under the big top!

 Ring 1- Antifa - The stooge army of the elites- I like this definition

I also have one of my own.

A useless largely parent dependent bunch of self hating middle class white persons, university indoctrinated,  mostly male, who can’t have real relationships and spend too much time viewing internet porn while consuming erectile dysfunction drugs. Losers supported by the parents- A product of toxic culture and the globalist agenda.

Some members of Antifa recently attacked Gilad Atzmon as he went about his day. Not sure why?
I don't think Gilad understood why either

However, Gilad quickly joined anti-fa shortly thereafter ;)

 Ring 2- Black Lives Matter- Linked to Soros. Likely linked to any one of the US alphabet agencies that undertake regular societal infiltration- A black panthers infiltrated rehash.
Huffpost:Richard Aoki, Man Who Armed Black Panthers, Was FBI Informant

Black Lives Matter- Same as Antifa- Product of toxic culture & globalist divide to conquer agenda

 Ring 3- Militia men- Who the hell knows who these persons really are. The militia movement has been infiltrated for decades. Think of Timothy McVeigh-

NYT’s article U.S. Agent Infiltrated Militia, Lawyer Says

If one militia was infiltrated you can bet others were infiltrated also

The Militia movement, like Antifa &  Black Lives Matter-  All products of toxic culture and globalist agenda. Manipulated by any number of alphabet agencies- In other words more of the same old/same old
For everyone one there is a political identity that can be manipulated and managed.
And the media presents the circus to the masses
Step right up ladies and gents. We got the freaks. The geeks. The marksmen. The outliers.

 The Grande Finale.... Drum Roll please?

The lone nut in the car who runs people down- Sometimes one. Often more. This specific grande finale has appeared at many circus shows the world over. You could say it's world renowned.

Apparently there is much rubbish making the anti social media rounds concerning this persons UNVERIFIED face book page

“The Facebook page that appears to belong to Fields”

Of course somethings are not as they appear. In fact many things are not as they "appear'

James Fields, the alleged driver, who also happened to have joined  the US military
James Fields was briefly on active duty status with the Army, but only from August 18, 2015 to December 11, 2015.
Military records show that Mr. Fields entered the Army on Aug. 18, 2015, around the time his mother wrote on Facebook that he had left for boot camp. Less than four months later, on Dec. 11, his period of active duty concluded. It was not immediately clear why he left the military.

I wouldn’t assume he left the military- Don’t know why the NYT’s is suggesting that? Is that what they want you to think?
Interesting that this so called racist just happens to kill a white woman?  Why would he kill a white woman?  Heather Heyer

I am informed by the media she was protesting alleged injustice, but, I don’t know that, and am only getting the story from the media. For all I know she could have simply been a spectator
Wrong place, wrong time

We're supposed to believe she was a paralegal.. But

Mr. Wilson hired Ms. Heyer at the recommendation of a friend. She had a high school diploma but did not have a background in law. She was working as a bartender and waitress, but he said she had an eye for detail and was “a people person.”
So, how was she working as a paralegal. That story doesn't jibe.  Did she become a paralegal afterwards? What schooling did she have for this position?
She lived alone with her dog?   
Allegedly named after her favourite colour? According to who? Who provided that personal information to the media? Not mentioned.

So she had  no mother? No father? No family?  Not mentioned

Why did an alleged racist aka black person hater run down a white woman? No matter. You have to believe someone died. That's just good gaming and theatre. Death is always part of the show. It evokes so much emotion. Sadness, fear, anger. Vengeance and more. It leaves you wanting, but, unsure of just what it is you want. Confused. It leaves you confused.

The real question is when is the blood lust of the masses ever going to be satiated. Or will it be egged on to ever greater depravities as society falls to pieces.

When will you stop being a willing viewer. A willing participant. A willing consumer of that which is destroying you. Destroying us all. 

Scott @ Willy Loman’s has a number of posts on this psychological operation.
Enlighten yourself. Or drink the kool aid? The choice is yours.

"Strategy of Tension"

"A colour revolution fomented via identity politics? Sure looks that way!
Oh. Canada. We'll get ours too.....

Friday, August 11, 2017

Peer Review = Conspiracy

Peer Review = Conspiracy

Heard someone say this the other day- I thought to myself ..... That's it! 
It was so simple. So basic. So obvious. Why hadn’t this ever occurred to me? 
Then I reminded myself often times it is most difficult to see what is in plain sight

To understand where I’m headed with this you must DISCARD the modern day manipulation of the word conspire/conspiracy and get to the root or most basic meaning of it.

Conspire- means to breath together. Or to breath as one. To act in harmony.

1325-75; Middle English < Latin conspirare to act in harmony, conspire, equivalent to con- con- + spirare to breathe; see spirant, spirit
A  “conspiracy” is at least two people, but it could be more, working/breathing together. Acting in harmony. Acting in unison.
2:to act or work together toward the same result or goal.

Reiterating: Conspire/conspiracy: Two or more people working together towards the same result or goal.

Now let’s consider the idea of peer review:

Peer simply means: another person who is similar or equal to you.  Or a companion.
A person who is equal to another in abilities, qualifications, age, background, and social status.
As in a jury of his/her peers-

Basic example: Greencrow As the Crow Flies... is my peer. She is a woman and she blogs on political issues.

Peer can also mean companion
Archaic. a companion.
Hence, my friend can also be my peer.

Peer Review:

 Peer Review at it’s most basic means people who appear as equals based on arbitrary
(subject to individual will or judgment without restriction; contingent solely upon one's discretion )
 parameters (limit, boundary)  sharing some common attributes,  who conspire together (breath/work together) toward a common result or goal.

Making Peer Review at it’s most basic a conspiracy. 

 Scientists breathing/working together/conspiring with a common goal in mind. Not always truth. So that should not be assumed.  The concept of “peer review” has been afforded a prestigious place in society (revered) that is not  necessarily warranted or deserved. Since prestige is very often used to trick/ fool or manipulate a receptive audience. Large or small.

 Understanding what words represent in reality we must accept that "Peer Review" should be considered first and foremost as a conspiracy of like minded individuals working towards an already agreed upon goal that may or may not be legitimate, correct or valid.

The very fact of peer review as conspiracy explains how you can actually get a “consensus” 
(general agreement) that isn’t necessarily legitimate or even close to truth. 
But can still be presented as definitive or authoritative in order to persuade.

As in “consensus” on Anthropegenic Global Warming

Link and Link

 “The IPCC provides an internationally accepted authority on climate change” (appeal to authority)

The IPCC was created to present an internationally accepted authority on climate change- Self anointed.
The aims of the IPCC are to assess scientific information relevant to:[6]

    Human-induced climate change,
    The impacts of human-induced climate change,
    Options for adaptation and mitigation.

In order create the concept of consensus the IPCC conspired with scientific peers on a 
pre conceived & pre ordained agenda. The very basis of the idea of conspiracy enshrined in an institution or bureaucracy specifically created as an internationally accepted authority on climate change.

Or how you can have bogus papers getting positive “peer reviews”on agenda specific issues?

The Conceptual Penis as a Social Construct: A Sokal-Style Hoax on Gender Studies

Perception management
"Perception" is defined as the "process by which individuals select, organize, and interpret the input from their senses to give meaning and order to the world around them". Components of perception include the perceiver, target of perception, and the situation.

Perception management is the practice of ensuring the message you wish to send is understood by the specific individuals or groups you want to reach.

UPDATE: The Fifth Branch: Science Advisers as Policy Makers
Pages 63 - 80 address some of the myriad of issues with peer review- it's by no means exhaustive, but, it will get you thinking

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Shlomo Ben Ami: “The Case for Kurdistan” As History Repeats

Shlomo Ben-Ami, a former Israeli foreign minister, is Vice President of the Toledo International Center for Peace.: Foundation of the Toledo International Centre for Peace- Check this think tank out! Research areas like... European Policies &The New Global Order.

SBA:  “The Kurds – who occupy a mountainous region that includes portions of Armenia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey – are the largest ethnic group in the world without a state to call their own. It is time to change that”

Shlomo Ben Ami says the kurds are an ethnic group in need of their own state
. It should come as a surprise to no one that an Israeli would make this case. Particularly when one considers the similarities between the creation of Israel and the attempt at some as yet unfinished Kurdistan.

Why should the Kurds have their own state? I’ve posed this question time and time again to readers here? At Sypers? No one has made a valid case for the creation of a Kurdistan? No one explains clearly and concisely why it is the Kurds need their own state.  Shlomo Ben Ami doesn't make a valid, legitimate case either. He, in fact, relies on recycled concepts.


The Palestinians lost their state. Apparently it was ok, that the resident population, with historical, land & family ties to one another and the soil should forfeit their family relationships and property to be ethnically cleansed for the sake of others.


  The Germans can’t have a state for Germans. If they attempt to preserve their ethnicity, language, culture and way of life they are defamed. Norway, Sweden and Denmark can’t have a state for their ethnic people. The Italians are being over run in their own country- No one gives a hoot about their need for an ethnic state unique to them! No one gives a hoot about their right to save their culture, language and identity along with the ties to their own land. In already existing nation states.  If the Germans, Swedes, Danes, Italians, Hungarians etc., want their state for their own- They're just being racist!  
 But the Kurds need their own state. For their own ethnic group.  And that's not racist, that's just a problem in need of changing. A wrong that needs righting. Double standard.


Jews needed their own religious state because it was the "right thing to do" Not right, as in correct, for all the Palestinians permanently displaced and killed. Never mind the constant warfare Israel engages in, as it seeks to expand well beyond it's original UN granted borders, which is a source of unending hardship, strife and displacement in the region. The creation of Israel, sold to us all, was 'just the right thing to do' 

Factually and Actually:  The creation of Israel was needed to cause, to ensure, the division, strife and endless warfare we see today.


 The Kurds, being vastly Sunni Muslim, we are told, need a state for their own ethnicity. Kurdish. As if this is a unified entity? But, it has to be the ethnicity because their religion, as used in the case of creating Israel,  would be a very hard sell. Considering the reality that the religion, Sunni Muslim, of the vast majority of Kurds is not palatable to the masses....the idea of an ethnic based nation is the best selling point and the one being pushed.  
 But just like Israel, the real motivation for the creation of these states is not humanitarian. Or righting previous wrongs. Or global atonement. The motivation for the creation of Kurdistan is the same as the creation of Israel. Hence my use of the Israel 2.0 term.  It's a divide to conquer strategy.

 The blatant double standards employed against existing ethnic/religious groups should make clear to everyone, actually having their thinking cap on,  that something else is at play. We are being sold the idea that some alleged special group of people requires a unique identity state because this is the 'right thing to do' This is simply the palatable sales pitch. Employed to appeal to humanity's naturally altruistic ways.  Do the Kurds, REALLY, deserve their own state at the expense of all the resident Syrians, Iraqis and many others? Should innocent people be ethnically cleansed?  Displaced? Land and homes stolen? Legal Documents destroyed or confiscated to impede the ability to reclaim long held lands and homes? Should Christian persons who have been resident in the region since time immemorial be displaced for the  new 'chosen' ones so they can have their unique nation state?

 The double standard and the mass abuses make clear the agenda to create a Kurdistan is something political. Something divisive. Something that serves other interests and agendas having nothing to do with altruism, fairness or humanitarianism. 

It is very clear that creating "Kurdistan" in whatever way shape or form it is done is nothing more then geopolitical machinations imposed from the global crackpots we shouldn't call leaders.

Which is why Shlomo Ben Ami former foreign minister of Israel, speaking on behalf of a think tanks that promotes "the new global order" is pushing the idea of the need for a Kurdistan. 

As has been stated repeatedly here we are witnessing a remake/reshaping of the entire region as part of the new global order. Shlomo Ben Ami is pushing that same goal, with fancy window dressing to have the global masses believe the mass killing, cleansing, weaponized refugees, and environmental destruction is all for the greater good of humanity. It isn't!
Shlomo Ben AmiBut there is a strong case for the United States, in particular, to work toward securing a homeland for the Kurds – a case buttressed by Kurdish militias’ indispensable contribution to defeating the Islamic State.”

That’s the sales pitch. They deserve a state, look at their brave contribution. They should be rewarded. Sounds so good, right? Except that's  a steaming pile of excrement.  Since it is plainly obvious that ISIS and the Kurds are both US proxies, making it very difficult for a thinking person to buy into this idea of an actual ‘indispensible contribution’ made to fight ISIS. Rather then an actual manipulation via the perception managing media to justify the new global order.

Mr Ben Ami derides Turkey rather heavily in the rest of the article, I’ll use that for another piece regarding Turkey specifically. For now let’s talk about the contrived fictional narrative built around the concept of the Kurds requiring an ethnic state of their own. A privilege afforded a very few nations which suggest, quite clearly, another agenda is being advanced.

TASS: US seeks Syria’s disintegration, including with Kurdish units’ help — expert
Washington’s chief objective in Syria is either toppling Bashar al-Assad or destroying Syria’s integrity, in particular, with the help from Syrian Kurds’ armed groups, Boris Dolgov, Senior Research Fellow at the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Center for Arab and Islamic Studies, told a round-table dedicated to the upcoming sixth round of negotiations on the Syrian settlement in Astana.

"I am confident that the United States’ objective is removing Assad from power or breaking up Syria as a country," he said. "They used to rely on Islamist forces, including extremist ones, but when this did not work, they began to support Kurdish forces vigorously."

According to the expert, the fact that the Syrian Kurds set a minimum goal of a broad autonomy for the Kurds, and, as maximum, creating an independent state, is in line with Washington’s plans in the region.

Dolgov stressed that the obvious evidence of the interest in Kurds’ support by the Americans are active weapons supplies to the Kurdish units by the US.

Specter of Syrian Kurdistan: How US' Covert Plan is Taking Shape

Washington is implementing its step-by-step plan to create a Kurdish independent state in northern Syria, Turkish journalist and political observer Mehmet Ali Guller believes.

The basis of the fight against Daesh [ISIS/ISIL], which was dubbed as the 'Obama strategy' in the US, was to place the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) and the People's Protection Units (YPG) in the territories liberated from terrorists,"

"Thus, the United States planned to unify the three cantons claimed by the PYD and expand the territory further downwards, and also to ensure the legitimacy of the Kurdish state in the course of the fight against Daesh," he assumed.

Guller believes that Washington is determined to stay the course.

For what it’s worth I agree 100 percent with Guller. The US has every intention of staying the course in order to weaken Syria. Balkanize. Federalize. Whichever. A weaker Syria is the goal.
Better for Israel. Better for the US. Worse for everyone else in the region.

In fact, this major process of training [of US proxies] is being conducted right now. How? By training and providing military assistance to Kurdish self-defense units whom the United States continues to deliver wagons of weapons, most notably, heavy weapons," the Turkish journalist highlighted.

According to Guller, the Pentagon is trying to transform the YPG into a regular army.

Indeed.  A nation needs a military. Particularly a nation like Kurdistan which will serve the same agenda, play the same role in the region as Israel. Destabilize their neighbours and expand territory.

"If this happens, the YPG will be able to boost their positions in northern Syria and assert their dominance there," he believes.
For how long now have I talked about this remake?

November 19 2014-Kurd/ ISIS Symbiosis - The Impending Destruction of Turkey.

As stated by yours truly  "It seems much more likely that there is cooperation and coordination between the Kurds and ISIS. It’s a thought that has been in the back of my mind for sometime now. When one takes a look at the land grabbed by ISIS and the desired Kurdistan one can’t help but see something taking shape. Something like a new nation"
November 21 2014:  Pt.2- Kurd/ ISIS Symbiosis- The impending destruction of Turkey
Yup, yours truly, again!: Kurdistan, like Israel and Kosovo, is being created for purely political, geopolitical and resource advantages. In Iraq an independent Kurdish state is present in all but official recognition.

September 24 2014 :The Kurds: Israel's not so improbable ally

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

PKK/YPG Ask US to Hinder Syrian Arab Army Advances On Syrian Territory

Anyone who has read here for the past three years or longer,  knows with certainty, I do not find this request a surprise or a shock. The YPG/PKK, always misrepresented and grossly so,  as "Syrian Kurds", wants the US led "coalition", which is  approximately 95 percent the US doing the bombing & ethnic cleansing of real Syrians, to block the SAA from taking back territory from ISIS because the "Syrian Kurds" can't get there fast enough to have ISIS hand it over to them!

This situation was mentioned in a previous post:

Who Will Take Deir Ezzor From ISIS? Who Always "Wins" Against ISIS?

ARA news -  Also covered by Daily Sabah, but, I went to a Kurdish media outlet (ARA) for the information below.  All those that cheered these thug Kurdish militias on have earned my everlasting disgust. 

Leading members of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) on Sunday held a meeting with officials of the US-led coalition and discussed the Assad regime’s threats on the federal border, and discussed the future of Raqqa after ISIS is defeated.
The “federal border”? Of what?  Federal border of where? Northern Syria? That's Syria! Raqqa? That's Syria! Deir Ezzor. That's Syria! Syrian Territory Annexed/Stolen by PKK/YPG territory with the help of the US and Israel is Syrian territory.
The meeting was attended by officials of the US State Department, and the commander of the US special forces in northern Syria.
How can there be a US Commander of Special Forces in Syria? Is the US illegally occupying Syria and assisting in the ethnic cleansing of ordinary Syrians? Yes!
The meeting included local officials such as Ilham Ahmed, (kurd) the joint co-head of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC), SDF spokespersons Jihan Sheikh Ahmed (kurd) and Talal Silo (kurd), and Layla Mustafa,(kurd) the co-head of the Raqqa Civilian Council, besides the two co-Chairs of the Tabqa Council, and Idris Mohammed, (kurd) head of the Internal Security Forces in Raqqa.
Gosh, where are the Arab Syrians..

"The meeting focused on the challenges facing Raqqa after its liberation on all levels, including security, governance, and economy. Moreover, the goal was to form a common vision on the future of the alliance between the US-led coalition and the SDF-affiliated forces and governance bodies.

The officials also discussed interventions of regional countries and attempts by the Syrian regime to obstruct the Raqqa campaign. “This was one of the most important challenges that must be addressed,” SDF officials told the coalition.

“Therefore, the international coalition must do what it has to do to deter the Syrian regime in its violations on the federal border.”

I'll repeat that!

“Therefore, the international coalition must do what it has to do to deter the Syrian regime in its violations on the federal border.”
"The meeting also discussed the security of post-liberation Raqqa, and the institutionalization of local police forces in cooperation with the US-led coalition.

The coalition is coordinating with Russia to prevent attempts by the Syrian government to hinder the Raqqa campaign.

“Syrian regime forces are very close to the area that our forces (US-backed SDF) are operating in, and we actually had an incident on June 18th in which our forces shot down a Syrian jet that violated an agreement that we had on the ground of where they could go and where they could not go,” coalition envoy Brett McGurk said on Friday."

“Since then, we have drawn what we call a deconfliction line with the Russians to help accelerate the campaign in Raqqa and to basically make clear where their forces will be and where our forces will be,” he said.
“This has held extremely well. This is now in place. Our military personnel speak with the Russians every day, and we, of course, have diplomatic consultations on issues like this far less frequently but whenever we need to,” he concluded.

While the SDF forces are liberating Raqqa neighbourhood by neighbourhood, Syrian regime-backed tribal forces and the Syrian army are pushing ISIS back south of Raqqa"

Don't Miss previous posts ..... Cause I'm not covering the Russia/ Trump psyop waste of time distraction! 

“Abu Adam Al-Australi” Urges Terrorism Against Philippines


“Abu Adam Al-Australi” Urges Terrorism Against Philippines

It's been a busy news day.  Below is the information I'd mentioned as forthcoming
Well, it's here.......... Yup, an Australian jihadi, via a video made in Raqqa, urges ISIS adherents to strike at the Philippines. And Australia too! Australia being an afterthought. The Philippines being the main attraction. 

Coinciding with the US desire to strike the Philippines as mentioned in yesterday's post?

US May Strike “ISIS” in the Philippines, TOMORROW. China/Philippines Joint Resource Exploration.

 Not a coincidence!
Abu Adam al Australi

Australian jihadist urges terror attacks against the Philippines & SMH
An Australian jihadist in Syria has issued a propaganda video urging attacks on the Philippines.

Mounir Raad, now known as Abu Adam al-Australia, also urges Islamic State supporters to use petrol, nail guns and trucks to target civilians in Australia.

The former Melbourne resident is seem among the rubble of Raqqa as the net closes in on IS in the Middle East.
Raad calls on Muslims in Australia to join the fight in the Philippines and attacks the Australian government for assisting in the Marawi conflict against his ‘brothers’.
“As for those of you who can’t make it to this battle [in Syria] … in particular to the Mujahideen [holy warriors] in Australia, then you should go aid your brothers in the fight against the crusader government of the Philippines,” he said.

Today the Australian government claimed it was donating money to help “rebuild” the war torn Islamic city of Marawi. “Rebuild” or foster an insurgency?
Today (Tuesday, August 8) it was announced that the Australian government is donating about 800 million pesos to help rebuild the war-torn Islamic city of Marawi.
 And Abu Adam al Australi says look the Australian government is pledging to assist, where is your pledge... Like they are on the same team?!
 Addressing the camera, Raad said: “The Australian government has already pledged to help and assist, so where is your pledge to Allah and Muslim, where is your pledge to Allah and Muslim?
 Location, location, location

And curiously we had that crash of the American Forces Osprey off the coast of Australia

 The 5 eyes are sure busy these days...

 Don't Miss 

Hydro One Revenue/Profit fall as milder weather cuts peak-price demand

As I've been mentioning, repeatedly. It's been consistently cooler here in my neck of the woods.
This has been the case for years now. Gone are the weeks of  heat warnings we used to have in the 80's and '90's. We have not had one day, thus far, of extreme heat never mind regular heat. Toronto had a day or two of  heat alerts in June 2017. No "extreme" alerts.

Toronto is a giant heat magnet... And Toronto records it's daily temp, for one, at Pearson International Airport - A giant paved hell hole.

Hydro One is announcing reduced profits due to milder weather. Peak demand reduced.

Peak demand is when we pay the most extravagant electricity rates imaginable.
I've reported on the extreme high cost of electricity in this province and the hardship it's causing on the populace of Ontario.
Hydro One Ltd. reported a lower second-quarter profit as revenue fell compared with a year ago, reflecting the impact of milder weather and a delay in a rate decision.

The owner of Ontario’s largest electricity distribution system says milder weather during the quarter ended June 30 resulted in less demand during peak pricing periods.

Revenue fell 11.3 per cent to $1.37-billion while revenue excluding purchased power slipped 2.8 per cent to $722-million.

Net income for the Hydro One shareholders dropped to $117-million, or 20 cents per diluted share, compared with $152-million or 25 cents per diluted share a year ago.
Hydro One almost certainly sold off any excess electricity at dirt cheap rates to surrounding purchasers, including in the US. As they gouge those of us resident in Ontario.

    From Earlier 

Australia Finds Missing US Aircraft off it’s East Coast.

The US Military monstrosity has been having it’s difficulties lately.

USS Fitzgerald Was Likely At Fault in Collision with ACX Crystal

 Projecting power doesn’t work if your manpower and machinery are faulty. Or corrupted? 
Or both?

Voice of America
The Australian navy says it has found the missing U.S. aircraft that crashed into the sea Saturday off Australia's east coast.

Australian Defense Minister Marise Payne said in a statement the submerged aircraft was located "shortly after" Royal Australian Navy survey ship HMAS Melville arrived in Shoalwater Bay.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Navy divers are working with the crew of the Melville at the crash site and are using remotely operated underwater vehicles.

The aircraft had been launched from the USS Bonhomme Richard assault ship and was involved in routine operations when it crashed.

Twenty-three people aboard the MV-22 Osprey were rescued, but three Marines remained missing.
The U.S. military launched a search and rescue effort for the missing Marines, but eventually changed that operation to a recovery effort in coordination with Australian defense forces. The families of the missing Marines were notified.

The aircraft was in Australia after completing a joint U.S.-Australian military training exercise at least two weeks ago in Shoalwater Bay. The biennial exercise involved some 30,000 troops and 200 aircraft. Australian troops are among U.S.-led coalition forces fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Marine Corps did not say what caused the crash, but indicated it is under investigation.

The Osprey is designed to take off like a helicopter and rotate its propellers to fly like a plane. Its development was almost cancelled after 23 marines were killed during a flight test in 2000. The U.S. military grounded its Osprey fleet in Japan last December after one of them crash-landed into the sea, injuring all five crew members on board.

Perhaps the Osprey should have been redesigned or just shelved?
The Osprey is built by Boeing Company and Textron Inc.'s Bell Helicopter division.
 Bell Helicopter always brings to mind... Operation Paperclip & JFK...  

 I'll have a new post regarding ISIS in Philippines shortly, with an Australian connection

Monday, August 7, 2017

US May Strike “ISIS” in the Philippines. China/Philippines Joint Resource Exploration.

US May Strike “ISIS” in the Philippines.  Before we get to the very interesting news regarding China/ Philippines Joint South China Sea Development we'll read the news regarding the decision making for the desired attack on the Philippines that may take place as early as tomorrow. And we'll read about the dredging and land creation China & the Philippines have embarked on.

UPDATED: Today's news 08/08/17 ( for the numerically interested that is three 8's) has the US airstrikes possibly kicking off next week.
U.S. military was considering launching aerial attacks on the Maute fighters as early as the following week as part of what would be an official, named military operation
Interesting stuff !

NBC News: US May Begin Airstrikes Against ISIS in the Philippines
The Pentagon is considering a plan that allows the U.S. military to conduct airstrikes on ISIS in the Philippines, two defense officials told NBC News.
The authority to strike ISIS targets as part of collective self-defense could be granted as part of an official military operation that may be named as early as Tuesday, said the officials. The strikes would likely be conducted by armed drones.
There is a small U.S. military presence on the ground supporting the counter-ISIS fight, called Joint Special Operations Task Force Trident.

If approved, the U.S. military would be able to conduct strikes against ISIS targets in the Philippines that could be a threat to allies in the region, which would include the Philippine forces battling ISIS on the ground in the country's southern islands.
 Last month, the vice chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs endorsed the idea of naming the mission in the Philippines, saying that naming it would provide more funding.
Speaking/naming the mission into reality- Oh the implications of that, on so many levels.
"In every case where we see the resurgence of terror networks," said Gen. Paul Selva in testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee, "particularly in the fragile areas of the southern Philippines, I think it's worth considering whether or not we reinstate a named operation, not only to provide for the resources that are required, but to give the Pacific Command commander and the field commanders in the Philippines the kinds of authorities they need to work with indigenous Philippine forces to actually help them be successful in that battle space."
Naming the mission will then make it real, official and authoritative in your mind.....

 Next Big Future- China and the Philippines reclaiming land from the ocean..

Imagine the damage to the ocean ecosystem when this type of action is undertaken? Unbelievable. Al Gore should train activists and make a movie about this, rather then continue to work on behalf of big oil as they profit/benefit from the carbon agenda- oh never mind.. that would be real environmental concern. 
China and the Philippines were planning to build four artificial islands.
The four new artificial islands appear to be planned around Davao. They will be developed for mixed-use, business and residential purposes along the coastline under a P39-billion reclamation project that city government plans to undertake with a major private developer.
The joint venture agreement was signed by the city government and Mega Harbour Port and Development Inc. last month.
“There will be no relocation because President Duterte does not want to remove the people in the area,” said Councilor Danilo Dayanghirang, chair of the city council’s committee on finance and ways and means.
A Chinese state-owned company said to have been involved in Beijing’s island-building in the South China Sea signed a deal to construct islands in a mega project in Davao.
CCCC Dredging will create four artificial islands totalling 208 hectares of reclaimed land in Davao, the port city on the southern island of Mindanao where Duterte was mayor.
The rates at which land is reclaimed and the technology involved is amazing.
Beijing’s South China Sea land reclamation work has reportedly resulted in 2,900 acres of land reclaimed over a period of roughly 20 months, from early 2014 to August 2015. Here, perspective is important: of the other countries to reclaim land in the South China Sea, Vietnam has reclaimed 80 acres, Malaysia has reclaimed 70, the Philippines has reclaimed 14 and Taiwan has reclaimed approximately eight over various length of time. China has managed to create more than 17 times more land in 20 months than all of the other claimants combined over the past 40 years, accounting for 95 percent of all artificial land in the Spratlys.
The main driving force of China’s reclamation has been a fleet of new dredgers, including the technologically advanced self-propelled cutter-suction dredger (CSD) Tianjing, which is capable of dredging and reclaiming land at a rate of 4,500 cubic meters an hour. These dredgers simply did not exist 15 years ago, yet now China can deploy dozens of them simultaneously in the South China Sea.

China’s largest accomplishment in dredge-building came in 2010, with the launching of Tianjing, China’s first self-propelled CSD, and also Asia’s largest self-propelled CSD and the world’s third largest.
This 120-meter-long ship can dredge up to 4,500 m3/h, more than 100,000 m3 of material a day, at a maximum depth of 30 meters, and travel at speeds of up to 12 knots. Tianjing also boasts a total installed power of 25,760 kilowatts. However, while the large CSD certainly represents a Chinese technological breakthrough, it was not solely the product of Chinese design, but rather the cooperative efforts of SJTU and Vosta LMG, a German company that also built the Ursa, a 115 meter-long self-propelled CSD

Dredging ship- Huge
The dredging ships are mind boggling to consider. Really they are.

The Diplomat- The Danger of China-Philippines South China Sea Joint Development

"Flashpoints" Yes that is their sub- title!

The Danger of China-Philippines South China Sea Joint Development
Rodrigo Duterte
As I have noted before, the idea of jointly exploring and exploiting resources is not new to the Sino-Philippine relationship (See: “The Danger of Duterte’s South China Sea Approach”). Indeed, Chinese interlocutors are fond of reminding observers that former Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping had wisely proposed this formulation to the Philippine government as early as the 1980s, including during a meeting with then-Philippine President Corazon Aquino back in 1988.
There is also no surprise as to why the idea of China-Philippines joint development continues to be periodically resurrected despite the challenges it has confronted, including under the current Duterte government. Simply put, it does offer immediate opportunities that can be seized for both sides.
For the Philippines, it would finally give it a way to secure its energy needs. These needs are especially dire as the Malampaya gas field – which supplies nearly a third of the electricity demand of Luzon, the country’s largest island – will run out in a decade or so, and Manila has been unable to pursue new sources such as in Reed Bank (Recto Bank) unilaterally due to Chinese opposition. Though Duterte has a rather shaky relationship with the truth, his suggestion that Chinese President Xi Jinping had threatened war if the Philippines exploited resources unilaterally tracks with official Chinese rhetoric, which Wang Yi repeated this week.
More broadly, as part of the warming of Sino-Philippine ties underway since Duterte came to office, the Duterte government hopes it could also lead to more Chinese investments into the Philippines to boost the economy, whether these be in a bilateral form or as part of wider initiatives like the much-ballyhooed Belt and Road Initiative (See: “The Real Trouble With China’s Belt and Road”).
For China, in addition to capitalizing on the dramatic turnaround in its ties with a U.S. treaty ally, it also offers a way for Beijing to maintain its uncompromising stance that it still has sovereignty over most of the South China Sea at other claimants’ expense while also securing a partner as well as a market for resource exploitation.
 More generally, in China’s eyes, it would also add some credence to the idea – or, as I’ve termed it, the illusion – that there is indeed a cooling down period at play in the South China Sea, which allows Beijing greater room to restrict what other claimants, non-claimants, and other extraregional actors do to counteract its own moves in the South China Sea.
 But the trouble with China-Philippines joint development in the South China Sea is not that these immediate opportunities do not exist for these respective parties. Rather, it is that these immediate opportunities mask, and are outweighed by, the massive risks related to the past, current context, and near future, and the Duterte government has not done near enough to prove otherwise.
Put simply the opportunities for China/ Philippines do exist for one another, but, the reward may not be worth the risks.. Which may explain the sudden appearance of ISIS along with the US wanting to bomb the Philippines. That's falls into the risk category.

All article can and should be read at the links provided. Lots more information there then posted here.

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